Mass TimberNavigator

Explore high-performance mass timber building designs in British Columbia (BC) and the costs associated with each archetype with this early-stage reference tool.

Overview of Code Compliance and Cost

The Mass Timber Navigator contains a comprehensive overview of energy performance, utility and construction costs, and level of code compliance (based on the BC Energy Step Code) for eight different mass timber archetypes, situated in four regions in BC.

For developers, architects, engineers, and general contractors, the tool is also intended to help inform order of magnitude (or class D) proforma estimates when comparing one or more buildings against a baseline archetypal building.

8 Archetypes and 4 BC Regions

The building archetypes are:

  • 6-storey residential buildings
  • 12-storey residential buildings
  • 12-storey office buildings
  • 3-storey civic building
  • 3-storey industrial building

The regions are based on:

  • Vancouver
  • Kamloops
  • Prince George
  • Fort St John

Navigator Development Process

The buildings were modelled using a three-step process:

  1. Structural Bays: The mass timber structural bays were designed using the Fast+Epp Timber Bay Schematic Design Tool.
  2. CAD Models: Based on the structural model, Morrison Hershfield created a detailed CAD model for each archetype.
  3. Energy and Costing Models: The CAD models were used to inform both an energy model and costing. A Class C costing estimate was provided by Hanscomb.